SG Logistics
"It takes a passion to conquer a passion!"
We have acquired a wide range of
experience in a shipping field, with a
particular emphasis on export and import of
cargo as N.V.O.C.C. Moreover, in
consideration of the scope and complexity
of modern global operations in shipping and
freight forwarding, we have a sales force
highly trained in the shipping field,the air
freight field, and in ground freight, and more
than capable of working in accordance with
a customer's requirements.
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SG Logistics manage your global project with proven methods and performance
that meets your requirements. For LCL cargo , SG consolidates smaller shipments
into full container loads at substantial cost savings due to our volume as the
industry leader. Unlike shipping lines , the smaller shipper is never an
inconvenience to us ; as we tie international network efficiently to the different
parts of the world together with reliability and consistent specialized needs.

Even for the smaller shippers . The combination of  lower cost and better
service results in over all savings of both the time and money , allows
smaller manufacturers and exporters to compete more effectively in the
competitive global market place .